I’m a freelance graphic designer based in London. I work with iconic brands, challenger brands, and entrepreneurs.

http://ritenrbvie.com/ – Lorinc Szalok Design

Recently my freelance graphic design portfolio was illegally duplicated by Lorinc Szalok, who is not a real graphic designer, on their   …Continue Reading

Akward and Funny Captchas

CAPTCHA stands for – Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This is one that I came   …Continue Reading

Meat and Beer Tasting – BrewDog & Picco Salumi

Picco Salumi (for whom I designed; the brand, packaging and website) were recently voted into the Standards Power 1000 for   …Continue Reading

New First Touch Language Solutions Website

First Touch Language Solutions provides professional translation services exclusively for the sports industry. The company  is headed by Joe Jeffries,   …Continue Reading

Poster Campaign: Domestic Abuse Awareness Week 2011

I was recently approached by Norfolk Constabulary and the NHS to design a series of posters for Norfolk’s 2011 Domestic   …Continue Reading

Tomato Joos – Website Design

Tomato Joos are the first online fashion stores in the UK to offer a wide range of Chivalrous Culture footwear.   …Continue Reading

Leaf Your Mark

I found this great example of negative space on a single strip of road markings in home town of Leyton,   …Continue Reading

The Anatomy of a Web Designer

In October 2012, Heart Internet launched a web design survey to gather valuable information from a group of 500 web   …Continue Reading