Project details

Nurturmil Baby Milk Range

  • Client:
  • Graphic Design: Lee Mason, Zoe Betchelor
  • Details: Brand Identity, Packaging Design

About the project

Searl Pharma commissioned me to design packaging for their new UK range of baby milk supplements. Originally the products had no brand name (other than the Searl company umbrella brand) and each product was identified by initials and a corresponding number ( ‘NI-1’ , ‘NI-2’ , … ).

The ‘NI’ element related to a Searl product brand that existed outside of the UK.  In the UK that brand didn’t exist – so the intials NI only meant something to Searl, and didn’t communicate anything at all to the UK consumer. The brand lacked an identity and so what started as just a packaging design project soon became a complete rebrand.

My advice, which took fair bit of persuasion, was to lose the initials completely and create a new brand name for the range in order to create a product that would ultimately be a success here in the UK. Some strong names were put forward, and put into focus groups for testing.

The name ‘Nuturmil’ is a combination of ‘Nuture’ and ‘Milk’. I confess it was not my preferred name choice, it wasn’t the name that scored the best results in focus group testing either (I had preferred a name that scored much better – and didn’t sound anything like Aptamil!) – ultimately the client had the final say. The end result, none the less, is a much stronger brand than what the client arrived with – and the product now has a much stronger chance of success with a UK audience.