Project details

Savour Gourmet Beer – Brand Identity & Packaging

  • Client:
  • Graphic Design: Lee Mason
  • Illustration: Lee Mason

About the project

Savour believe in giving beer the respect it deserves. Their rules are simple – to create the highest quality beer and have fun along the way. Savour commissioned me to design their brand identity from logo through to packaging and website. There are lot’s of new micro-breweries popping up all over the place, many of which are producing a very similar products, and experimenting with design to try and establish a place in a saturated drinks market. What makes Savour different is their focus on ‘getting the product right’. It needed to be seen as premium, but differentiate its self from the more mainstream premium beers currently available. This is because Savour’s flagship product, ‘Progress’, aims to be true to the roots of traditional belgian brewing, whilst being homegrown in the UK. A strong product needed a strong identity, and the core of the chosen logo concept focuses on the one thing Savour pride themselves on more than anything else – the taste.