Graphic Designer +

I’m an ideas-led, multi-discipline Freelance Graphic Designer, based in London. My background spans Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Packaging Design, Advertising and Digital User Experience Design. Needless to say – my skillset extends far beyond Graphic Design, but in my heart – I will always call myself a Graphic Designer, first and foremost.

I have a passion for bold creative concepts, and enjoy creating compelling, creative solutions to briefs across multiple channels.

My Experience

I freelance in the capacity of Creative Director and Designer, and have been Head of Design at 2 agencies. I have 15 years commercial design experience that includes Branding Agencies, Advertising & Media Agencies, and User Experience Design agencies. 

As a Freelance Graphic Designer, I have worked directly with Brand Leaders and Startups, across a variety of sectors, including; Food & Drink, Tech, Healthcare, Financial & Insurance, Retail & fashion, education, Energy and Nonprofit.

My Approach

My work focuses on using creative solutions to engage audiences and deliver measurable results. I believe that every brand needs to tell a story, and that every touch point along the way of that story should leave the user with a great experience.

Having been a creative designer for quite a while, I know that some things will never stay the same (trends, beliefs, interests) – but some things will never change (great design and great storytelling).