Bannu Naswar Tobacco Website Design.

A website design for the Bannu Naswar range of tobacco products, which formed part of the broader brand identity project.

The Brief

Oska Trading needed a freelance website designer and developer to create a landing page for launching their new range of tobacco products – Bannu Naswar.

The Solution

This product is a smokeless tobacco, grown and produced in Pakistan by the Bannusi people. There is a wealth of culture and geographic character that forms part of this products story and heritage, which I absolutely felt should shine through in the identity as well.

I wanted to bring this in through colours, textures and visual references that explain what this product is at the same time as building the brand story and visual narrative around it.

From the website perspective, I wanted it to go against the grain. Be free from the corporate content boxes and columns, and be more natural. The beauty is that the design does confirm to a perfect responsive, mobile optimised grid layout – and it’s purely the carefully considered use and placement of textural elements and overlapping png images that give the illusion of a much more natural website.

Creating a website that’s natural looking, and has the illusion of being completely free of any technical constraint, used to be easy in the days of FLASH, but it’s much harder with a standard HTML5 website – but if it wasn’t a challenge it would be boring, and that’s why I love projects like this.