Cathay Pacific’s International Wine & Spirits Competition New Identity.

New iconic logo design and event graphics for the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition. Sponsored by Cathay Pacific.

The Brief

For 10 years now, the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition has been the guide to quality international wines and spirits for the booming Asian market.

The competition needed a stronger and more engaging identity.

The Solution

The client had a  determination to base a concept around a traditional Chinese coin, which represented good luck.

As a basic platform for the concept it brought a very Asian feel with it, which wasn’t a bad thing, but on it’s own it’s only a shape not a ‘concept’.  The task was to make an identifiable logo.

The result – an intricate pattern that, combined with the recognition of the Chinese coin shape, communicates the event perfectly. The cut out centre piece of the coin working perfectly as the bottle label, and 2 glasses sit either side. It says; wine and spirit tasting, it also says “good luck!”

Designed with the help of friend and fellow graphic designer Mia Nel. Mia is based out in Hong Kong and she had an excellent knowledge of the local cultural considerations for this new brand.