Citycom Corporate Identity Design.

CityCom is a global organisation that provides advisory, technology and integration services – specifically communications monitoring and recording services.  The company needed a logo design that would help explain what they do and a corporate identity that would speak to a larger audience.

The Brief

Citycom, a global solutions partner for regulated businesses, connects technology and compliance through effective services and solutions. It spent a lot of time explaining what id to it’s audience, and it’s identity do anything to make this easier. So Citycom asked me to create their new corporate identity consisting of; logo design, corporate stationery and website design.

The Solution

In simplistic terms they provide services for the monitoring, recording and storing of company communications data (phone calls, emails, etc..)  to help organisations fulfil global regulatory communications requirements. First and foremost Citycom wanted to make life easier to when communicating what they provide.

The winning logo design concept that Citycom chose is one that I created based on 2 sources of communication interacting. Graphically this idea had to be equally relevant for phone calls, email and any other form of communication, so it had to be quite flexible.