Relationship Coaching Website Design, with ‘Chat to Coach’ facility and Online Course Products.

This eCommerce website design and development project features some pretty custom front-end and back end functionality including; a paid couples counselling service and online Relationship Workshops.

The Brief

Compass4Couples is a relationship coaching service specialising in fixing relationships before they become broken. In may respects they view this service like a gym.

The client needed me to create their online brand identity, from logo design through to web design and development of the eCommerce products.

The Solution

The brand identity side of things centres around a logo design made of 4 hearts which each represent points on a compass. I wanted to create something memorable and simple, and easy to understand.

I then worked with the client to design their online relationship course materials, suggesting Sensei as the best E-learning platform, and sourcing the required scripts and developers to create was in essence a very bespoke website development project.