Hakka Restaurant Brand Identity.

Hakka wanted something classy, something different and something clean. This restaurant branding project included from; logo design, shopfront design,  and printed menu design to the website design and development.

The Brief

What I love about being a graphic designer is the opportunity to avoid the predictable. This particular client wasn’t keen on slapping a golden dragon on anything, or a cliche Chinese typeface for that matter. They wanted something classy, something different and something clean. The project required the full brand identity service including; logo design, shopfront design, advertising posters, menu design and also the website design.

The Solution

The origin of the name Hakka comes from early Asian migrant settlers who unlike the refugees of today are a respected and welcomed people.

I had the opportunity to work with close friend Mia Nel on this particular project, and she came up with this gem of an idea – a ‘welcoming’ bowl of noodles, formed from the letters of the name. As part of the fuller identity project this logo is supported by some repeatable bowl patterns – signifying many bowls coming together and many welcome visitors, and various ideas for graphic posters within the premises.