Kerogen Capital Website Design.

Kerogen Capital, an independent private equity fund manager in the international oil and gas sector, commissioned me as the freelance web designer and developer to create their new corporate website.

The Brief

Kerogen Capital’s old website was looking tired and small. It didn’t reflect the size of the company or the massive global span that exists within their project portfolio. Part of this problem was that the company has many teams and employees but there were no team pages on the previous website. I needed to create an easy way for them to add new teams and edit employee bios.

The Solution

Kerogen Capital needed to find a freelance website designer and graphic designer that had previous experience in the oil and gas sector. I have much experience in this sector. I designed the corporate identity for VTTI (one of the largest independent offshore oil companies) I also rebranded and created the website for Challenge Energy (a subsidiary of SLR Consulting). I was able to hit the ground running creating a fresh new corporate website for Kerogen that reflects their global size and reach. ‘Expanding Horizons’ became the hook for this project’s visual focus – which led to a fullscreen layout in order to create a bigger feel, it also guided the imagery used.