Neat’s Rice Crackers Branding & Packaging Design.

Logo design, packaging design, illustrations and photography for Deli Hut’s new range of all natural rice crackers – ‘Neat’s’.

The Brief

Deli Hut Snacks commissioned me to design the brand identity and packaging for their new range of wholegrain rice crackers. The challenge was to differentiate the brand from other rice crackers, which are typically only 40% rice based and made up of artificial colours and preservatives. Neat’s rice crackers are made from 100% wholegrain rice, hand rolled and hand baked to produce a far superior product.


The Solution

Visually it was important to communicate the natural element within both the logo and the pack designs. The logo subtly uses elements of a rice plant, from the leaf shapes to the seeds that make up the apostrophe. In order to build up a story around the product, and help take the audience on a journey, I created a set of illustrations that snapshot the country of origin for each flavour. I created the logo and pack designs.