New Adventures in Flavour.

Oliver’s Cupboard is a new baby food range that’s bringing bolder flavours to an otherwise bland tasting experience for our kids. I created the brand identity, logo design and packaging design.

The Brief

Every now and then as a freelance graphic designer a project comes along that has fun written all over it. One which makes you recall being a child again.

The client was starting a new range of baby food specifically aimed at solving the problem of baby food all being quite bland, resulting in problems feeding small children more intense flavours later on. This product will be a bold journey of flavour, and that’s what led me to the create the chosen concept.

The Solution

My approach for this project was to create the strap-line ‘New Adventures in Flavour’ and build up a visual brand world around Oliver’s many adventures through the food cupboard into a new world of flavour. This led me creatively to style these like a range of children’s books, around Oliver’s unique experience of each flavour. This will also allow each pack design to tell a different chapter in the story online as and animated children’s story – accessed by a QR code on the back of pack. Eventually I hope that allowing the brand to come to life in this way will lead on to branded merchandising including; children’s pop-up books, bibs, etc..).