Padian Cooking Sauces Packaging Design.

Packaging design for Padian Food’s new range of South East Asian cooking sauces.

The Brief

Padian Foods delivers cooking sauces and meal recipe kits, specialising in Traditional and Peranakan (Fusion) cuisines from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Borneo, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries across the Far East and South-east Asia. They commissioned me to design the packaging range for their sauces range. They requested the focus be very much on the ingredients and that the product look overtly South East Asian.

The Solution

For this concept I took inspiration from Malaysian Batik art. I created a set of illustrations that bring in some of that visual styling but in a way that is simple enough to communicate the flavours of each sauce (chilli, lime, coconut, peppercorns, etc..). Hence, instead of the traditional Batik flower illustration the concept for the packs uses illustrated ingredients that are specific to each cooking sauce.