World Pea Shooting Championships Poster Design.

Poster design for the annual World Pea Shooting Championships event in Witcham.

The Brief

The World Pea Shooting Championships is an event that happens every year. I wanted to create a witty and engaging graphic design concept for this poster, one that that the general public could relate to, and one that would leave a smile on their face.

The Solution

A graphic design concept works best when it’s real. Anyone can force graphics together to create something artificially interesting – but true engagement only comes from the mind being surprised by an otherwise familiar object.

I came up with the idea of using peas on a dinner plate to create the perfect ‘accidental’ poster for this event.  My task was to find a dinner plate that could communicate as a target, grab some peas and then go shoot it in a studio for real. You don’t bother creating this idea and then ruining it by just faking it in Photoshop. It has to be real – that’s the whole point!